Magical Sunrise Wedding at Pretty Place Chapel

Oct 16, 2023

The chill in the air hinted at the promise of a new day as I made my way up the winding road leading to Pretty Place Chapel. The excitement mingled with the crisp fall breeze, setting the stage for Alicia and Tyler’s sunrise wedding.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed hundreds love stories unfold through my lens, but there was something undeniably special about capturing the essence of Alicia and Tyler’s journey as the first light painted the canvas of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Pretty Place Chapel, perched atop Standing Stone Mountain, is a haven of tranquility. The chapel’s open design allows nature to take center stage, and on this particular morning, it was nothing short of enchanting. The valley below was veiled in mist, and the sun was preparing to make its grand entrance, casting a warm embrace over the landscape.

As the couple made their final preparations, Alicia’s eyes sparkled with a mix of nerves and excitement. Her flowing gown seemed to catch the first light, giving her an ethereal glow. Tyler, in his tailored suit, exuded a quiet confidence as they both eagerly awaited the moment that would change their lives forever.

The air was filled with anticipation as Alicia and Tyler waited for the sun to rise. The rustle of leaves, the distant calls of birds, and the soft hum of the mountains became an integral part of the ceremony—a natural symphony that underscored the significance of the moment. Silhouettes against the dawn, close-ups capturing the vulnerability in their eyes, and wide shots embracing the grandeur of the landscape—all came together to tell a tale that transcended the boundaries of time.

As the sun rose higher, Alicia and Tyler sealed their vows with a kiss, bathed in the warm embrace of a new day. It was an honor to be not just a photographer but a silent participant in this sacred ceremony that yielded some of my favorite wedding images I’ve taken all year!

Congrats again guys!!