Featured: Wedding Planner’s Survival Guide Book

Mar 14, 2012

You know when you get those emails that sound almost a little too good to be true? Yup, it happens to me too… But you know what, sometimes it actually works out!

And here it is! Sitting on my scratched up dining room table! A book with the first chapter written by me!

Wedding Planner's Survival Guide
The Wedding Planner’s Survival Guide – Now available on Amazon
A few months ago I got an email from Michael over at Dream Publishing. He had seen some of my work and wanted to feature me in an upcoming book on Wedding Planning. Basically he was looking for wedding vendors in a bunch of different categories (a photographer, a DJ, a hair stylist, a coordinator ect.) to interview about their specific area of expertise! The book was to be called “The Wedding Planner’s Survival Guide: 10 Industry Insiders Tell You What You Really Need To Know”. Trust me, I know FIRST HAND from the past year of wedding planning that it is definitely something that will stretch you in almost every way and shrink your wallet in every other way possible!

Wedding Planner's Survival Guide
From “How do I set a budget for wedding photography” to “What types of things should I avoid when choosing a wedding photographer?”, I covered it in this book. I wrote it from my personal experience to help out future brides and planners help navigate the huge ocean of wedding photographers out there. It’s definitly not easy picking out a wedding photographer so I figured that since I happen to be one AND I just picked out a wedding photographer for my own wedding, I might be able to provide a small amount of insight into the process! Hopefully…

Wedding Planner's Survival Guide
Want to see more? Want to buy a copy? Can’t afford a copy but want to read it anyways? You can check it out on Amazon here! Better yet, you can even read a good portion of the chapter I wrote online! Just click on “search inside this book” and flip click to the first chapter. Later in the book there are some awesome sections on how to pick out a variety of other wedding vendors, all written by some of the best people in the industry!

While I have to admit its a huge honor to get to write in a book like this, its not all unicorns and rainbows. Now Debra thinks that since I am a published “Wedding Expert”, I would be perfect to finish up the rest of the planning for our wedding! I thought the girl is supposed to take care of that stuff! Sheesh!