Winner: Fearless Awards | April 2013

May 3, 2013

Back when I joined Fearless Photographers I knew it would push me… After all this is the big leagues. This isn’t just South Carolina, the Southeast, the USA, or North America. Competing in the Fearless Photographers competition means you are going up against the best wedding photographers from all around the world (and Mexico, Italy, and Spain have some absolutely incredible people)!

So yea, I usually just flip though the winning images every couple months and get blown away by all the incredible images taken by the true superstars of the wedding photography industry. But today was different. One of my images was included in the set…. To say I’m excited is a HUGE understatement

Fearless Award by J. Jones Photography
What makes this shot even cooler is the story behind it. This was taken during Kelly and Michael’s wedding day back in January and with the Michael being a local baseball coach, I wanted to incorporate baseball somehow. So I had them toss the bouquet back and forth a couple times in front of “shoeless joe jackson” until I got this shot!

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