Cars and British Accents | Doug and Nargis Engagement

Jun 1, 2012

Even before we met, me and Doug hit it off pretty well. He likes cars. Good cars. Like he really wants a Bright Red BMW Z4. Which makes me miss mine even more. Ironically enough, we came across one during the shoot. I wonder if its a sign. Anyways, back to the lovey stuff!

Nargis and him met 6 years ago on a cruise ship in the UK and hit it off really well. Doug gave Nargis his email so they could stay in contact. Except that email didn’t work. Years went by. Somehow Doug popped back into her mind though, and some lengthy searching (thanks google!), Nargis finally found his email address and go in touch with him. Only one other problem. He was then living in Atlanta. They wrote back and forth and took trips to see each other and now they are getting married later this year in Hawaii. Crazy right? I know what your going to ask me, and no I don’t have a staff writer that makes this stuff up. Here’s a few from our shoot the other day! Enjoy!