Chelsea and Brandon pretty much have a fun time no matter what. I figured that out way back when we did our 95° degree engagement session and they didn’t melt/break down on me. And they confirmed it at their wedding this past weekend. Held at the always gorgeous Acanthus in Lyman, SC, they had an […]

Things aren’t always what they seem at first. Take Kevin and Eungee for example. When Eungee first met Kevin he thought he was just, how do I put this… Too old. As they got to know each other more though, Kevin seemed to get younger and younger. They began running together and have finished some […]

Chelsea is now married! Which is awesome because now I can finally post her bridal portraits we took back in April. We met up at The Acanthus just outside of Greenville (where they just got married this past weekend) to do them. Excellent weather and a beyond excellent subject always make things even better! Thanks […]

It’s always a bit stressful that week of the wedding. You know the week where you check the weather 23,452 times. It’s going to be Sunny and 80! It’s going to be 60 and Rainy… It’s going to be SNOWING! Nope it didn’t snow for Angela & Daniel’s wedding but things didn’t look the best […]