Sometimes I absolutely hate shooting weddings. Especially like Patrick and Jessica’s wedding at Westminster Presbyterian and Larkin’s Cabaret Room a couple weeks ago. Why you ask? Because I’ll never get to do it again. With a such an amazing bridal party (including the always fun Joanna, whose wedding we shot last year), a top-notch team […]

I’m pretty sure if anyone ever checked my phone, they would probably be convinced I’m cheating on my wife. With a variety of text messages from anonymous numbers saying things like… “Meet me at 10am in Room 451 at the Hyatt Downtown, Can’t wait!” one would think I wasn’t exactly being the most faithful husband. […]

Growing up mostly in New York has really made it pretty interesting living in the south. Yea the weather is way better, taxes are lower, and everything runs slooower, but those are obvious. The intricacies of the culture is what really interests me. And it was definitely evident at Kari and Gary’s wedding at Larkin’s […]

The first wedding of September is always a relief. The peak summer heat is over and now its officially safe to use browns and reds in the decor. It’s time for less sweat and more fun. You know what else can make weddings fun? Animals. From the horse and carriage send off, to the not-so-shy […]