I think the best man said it best during his speech at Nick and Danielle’s wedding this past wedding, “I don’t think you can find two better suited people for each other than Nick and Danielle.” It was pretty evident ever since I met them at Rachel and Donnie’s wedding last year (where Nick was […]

Everyone knows that one of the biggest parts of photography is lighting. Got a great composition and great subject… but have boring lighting? You don’t have an interesting shot. Light trumps all. The actual definition of photography is to write with light, so when I’m out shooting that’s always the first thing I look for. […]



The tears were beginning to flow, and they hadn’t even seen each other yet. As they stood on either side of the door, reading the letters they brought for each other, it hit them; In a few short moments they would be married. Sure enough, Katy slowly walked down the isle of Pretty Place Chapel […]

Maria’s and Keith’s forest themed wedding at Zen was hands down one of the best weddings I’ve been to all year. Why you ask? Not only did they step out of the box and do a theme I haven’t actually seen at a wedding before, but they really embraced it. Mushroom wedding cake, fungus candles, […]