“Really, your going to shoot a wedding on your birthday!?” – They asked me when I met with Lindsey and Colby for the first time. Of course, where else would I get to enjoy a killer band, delicious food, and beautiful, panoramic views out of the 17th floor commerce club downtown. All the bridesmaids even […]

I mean really? It can’t be that perfect. But it was. Stunning light, beautiful bride, and gorgeous surroundings. Now that Lindsey is finally married I can post some of the gorgeousness that was her bridal portrait session at Furman Universtiy a couple months ago. Enjoy!  



There are weddings, and then there are parties. Sometimes these two things overlap, sometimes they don’t at all. For Tiffany and Matt, these two things were one in the same. A huge celebration of the commitment they just made, and one heck of a way to start off the rest of their lives. After a […]

It seems like one of the biggest attractions of visiting Europe can be visiting all the beautiful churches and ornate cathedrals. With their stunning designs and details, they showcase some of the best art ever created (something I’m looking forward to seeing in person this summer!). And while it’s hard to find quite that level […]