Sometimes I absolutely hate shooting weddings. Especially like Patrick and Jessica’s wedding at Westminster Presbyterian and Larkin’s Cabaret Room a couple weeks ago. Why you ask? Because I’ll never get to do it again. With a such an amazing bridal party (including the always fun Joanna, whose wedding we shot last year), a top-notch team […]

To pull off a wedding these days it takes a lot of work. You can’t be too detail oriented because then you will miss the overall big picture, and you absolutely can’t forget about the little stuff as well. Being one of those detail oriented brides, Kristen thought of everything. Armed with spreadsheets for everything, […]

One thing I love about photographing weddings is the pure spontaneity of the events that will unfold throughout the day. You never know who you will bump into at the wedding, whether it’s going to be gorgeous or a pop up thunderstorm will come out of nowhere, or where your grandma is going to break […]

Usually when someone picks a wedding date in January they are expecting upper 40’s and cloudy skies. I’m not sure if that was what Abby and John were expecting for their wedding but thats exactly NOT what happened. Here’s what they got: A beautiful 64° day with tons of beautiful sunshine And that pretty much […]