It’s always fun when I get to shoot at new place here in the Upstate. While Lindsey Plantation isn’t a new wedding venue, it’s was new to meet for Bridget and Nick’s wedding this past weekend. With a rustic, historic stable as the centerpiece, and panoramic mountain views all around it, it was definitely a […]

I’m not sure how many bottles of wine Deb and I shared with Ken and Mary at our winery before the wedding, but I do know that it was enough to make us really excited to be their on their wedding day! We showed up to the Cliffs on an absolutely picturesque June day. Mary […]

Emotion. It’s what makes weddings so special. Years of planning, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of friends and family gather to watch two people join together. Forever. At Meghan and Jack’s wedding, there was no lack of emotion. Everything from tears to huge belly laughs. It was an incredible day for everyone involved. We started […]

I always love meeting with new clients and finding out just how interconnected we all are. Camdem works at a law firm with one of my good friends Emily. As the slideshow of images played in the background she also mentioned how she knew several other of my past wedding clients. Seeing as most people […]