It’s sad to think that the wedding season is winding down here in South Carolina. It’s also sad that I won’t get to experience a sunset up at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel like I did at Jenna and Marshall’s wedding for a least another four months. With so much vibrant orange and purple, I […]

I usually don’t show up to wedding ceremonies covered in champagne, but I couldn’t help it at Kathryn and Alan’s wedding. Before you judge me, let me explain! The bridesmaids had a fun idea for a shot of everyone opening up champagne bottles before they got ready for the day. Little did I know, this […]

If there had to be one word to describe Arian and David’s wedding it had to be “Joy.” With so much excitement in the air, and so many fun-loving people around it was just one of the most energetic, celebratory wedding’s I’ve ever been to. With most of their family and friends coming from New […]

I like to gamble. Well… Sometimes. Although most people don’t know it, I end up doing just that at a lot of weddings. I always talk with my couples before hand but I never really know exactly what I’m getting into until I really get there. With Natasha and Travis I definitely hit the jackpot. […]