It’s always fun to do those out of the box weddings, where they just throw tradition to the wind and make their own version of what a wedding should be. On the other hand, it’s also fun to turn the dial the other way and do a wedding that is just pure and classic. A […]

When Lauren and Mike woke up on June 13th, 2015 I’m sure they were not thinking they would be crashing a Greenville Drive baseball game in their wedding attire. They also probably didn’t think I would be taking shots of them taking shots of tequila at Mac’s Speedshop just an hour after their ceremony. Heck, […]

It was absolutely fitting for Adam and Emily to have their reception at a venue called “Zen.” Why you ask? Because while most people are borderline crazy/scared/shaking or just about to have a nervous breakdown in that hour before they are going to finally get married, Adam and Emily were completely the opposite. Calm, cool, […]

I always knew Sara and Kevin’s wedding was going to be beautiful. After all, it was at a big southern plantation, right on the water in Charleston. But when Debra and I drove through the big iron gates of Lowndes Grove Plantation it was even better than I expected. Palm trees, live oaks, a historic […]