After rescheduling, and rescheduling again, it was finally here, Tom and Sarah were finally going to tie the knot. I’ve know Tom and Sarah for years, as one of their first dates was at City Scape Winery. I’ve run into them at a bunch of different Euphoria events, social gatherings, and dinners over the years, […]

It’s always fun to do those out of the box weddings, where they just throw tradition to the wind and make their own version of what a wedding should be. On the other hand, it’s also fun to turn the dial the other way and do a wedding that is just pure and classic. A […]

It seems like one of the biggest attractions of visiting Europe can be visiting all the beautiful churches and ornate cathedrals. With their stunning designs and details, they showcase some of the best art ever created (something I’m looking forward to seeing in person this summer!). And while it’s hard to find quite that level […]

Weddings are funny things. You can have the perfect venue with the perfect weather and delicious food, but there can still be something lacking. No, its not anything to do with having the perfect dress or the fun loving bridesmaids, its the Bride and Groom themselves. They are the centerpiece of the day. If they […]