I’m always impressed at the couples that can write, and then later read their own vows to each other during their wedding ceremony. I know I wouldn’t probably make it too far past “Debra, I promise to…” then it would just be a mess. In front of everyone. Then the awkwardness would ensure and everyone […]

I’m always impressed at people that can dance. Maybe it’s just because I can’t, and I always get reminded of that at weddings. Take for instance Frank and Courtney’s Cliffs at Glassy Chapel wedding. Before all the dancing skills came out, they had an absolutely gorgeous ceremony at one of my favorite venues: Cliff’s at […]

Sometimes I get so caught up in just showing all the wedding images that I forget about the final product. You know, that thing you show people when you want to tell them all about your wedding. Nope not Facebook, not your Iphone, yup a wedding album. So what do these things actually look like? […]



One of the coolest things I love about documenting weddings is getting to see how they pull the family together. No, not like just coming to watch, but getting to actually participate. It’s much like the Power Rangers coming together. Grandma is skilled at making cakes, so she heats up the oven. A close friend […]