I had been looking forward to Katherine and Robert’s wedding ever since they mentioned the words “clear glass dance floor over the pool.” You see, most backyard weddings have a certain special vibe, but I knew this one would take that to a whole new level. Held in the beautiful Chanticleer area of Greenville overlooking […]

I woke up to a very cold, rainy Sunday. Although we needed the rain badly, it meant having to reschedule James and Alyssa’s engagement session at Clemson. I made the call and they were quite optimistic it would clear up just in time for their shoot. I, on the other hand was much more skeptical. […]

The last few weeks have been really special for me. It’s like all the hard work I’ve been putting into my businesses and personal life have really been paying off. It all culminated at the National Association of Catering and Events Awards ceremony held in Greenville, SC on November 3rd, 2016. You see, months before […]



I love weddings where two completely different family cultures get together and just completely mesh. Kim grew up in Georgetown, SC, and Amir was born in Iran, and although he lived mostly in the US, you could definitely tell they weren’t from the same background. With Amir’s family coming from all over the world, it […]