Ah… summer weddings. The warm long sunsets, the summer sun, when air conditioning feels just like heaven, and when a glass of cold water is worth its weight in gold. You know its hot when people from Arizona sweat. And that’s just what Shannon and Bryan (and I, and everyone else) did! But just like […]

You know what’s interesting? How in six years of documenting weddings I’ve never came across a “normal” family. You know one where all the uncles are well behaved, one where everyone always gets along, one where the kids actually listen. And you know what, I don’t think I ever want to shoot a wedding where […]

Remember traveling to Florida as a kid? The trips to Disney World. The beach? The palm trees? The warm weather? …The humidity? Those were the good days! Well thanks to Kat and Paul I got to relive a little bit of that. Not the disney part, or the beach, but pretty much everything else. I […]

I love getting out to new places to shoot. It gets me out of the day to day, stereotypical locations and into some places where I can expand my creativity. So naturally when Kat asked me to come shoot her Bridal portraits down on the USC Campus Horseshoe in Columbia, I was pretty pumped. Old […]