I would have to assume, when most of our brides want to get married at Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel, they do so because they want to get married up in the clouds. Kelsey and Chris took the cloud theme to a whole new level this past weekend – they got married in a cloud. […]

I had a feeling that Julie and Allen’s wedding was going to be a lot of fun. Maybe it was the orange and white checkered pants Allen wore to their engagement session? Or was it the rustic yet elegantly quirky vibe the Grand Bohemian Asheville Hotel gives off? Nope, I’m pretty sure its Julie and […]

It’s hard to believe that when I first met with Kristina and Jess about their wedding it was before I was even married myself. Yes I know, I just hit my 3-year anniversary. So why such a long engagement? Well, it’s a little complicated and I’d just rather just get to the good stuff… like […]

It was beyond a picture perfect day. With air so clear you could clearly see downtown Greenville, wonderfully blue skies, and a gentle breeze to cool just the faint hint of summer to come, I could have stayed up on top Glassy Mountain all day. As pretty as the surroundings were, they were just begging […]