Magen and Patrick’s day couldn’t have been more perfect. While it was quite a rainy day in Downtown Greenville, up at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain, the weather was beautiful! Some call it luck, others call it good planning, but it was an absolutely amazing day from start to finish! We started off at a […]

Kim and Damon’s wedding was one of those weddings were you could just tell they had taken their time to form deep relationships. They didn’t have 15 bridesmaids, they didn’t invite every person they ever knew, and it was all the better because of it. We started out on a beautiful, yet toasty day at […]

It all started out like a typical engagement session, taking some photos around the beautiful Jones Gap State Park and learning some more about each other. When we saw a nearby waterfall on a map only 0.8 miles away, we figured it would be a fun little hike to get some more photos. Well, that […]



With an 80% chance of rain for Lauren and Cam’s wedding day, I figured we were going to be forced into doing all the photos inside. I’ve done it before, and it’s not a problem, but it is nice to be able to mix in a little variety. Well, the rain held off just long […]