It’s one of the worst fears of anyone getting married. When I was talking with Tammy over the phone last Monday, I casually asked her how everything was going. After the obligatory “good” she eventually told me the truth: She was in the ICU in Nashville and had lost a serious amount of blood. The […]

I’ve never felt so short at a wedding before until I stepped into the room the guys were getting ready in. I knew Justin was tall, I met him, but ALL the guys were tall. I’m talking like 6’6″ tall. Debra said I looked like a “hobbit” next to all of them. Anyone that has […]

I knew I felt a connection from Aliza and Mike when I met them. They were like me, originally from California but had fallen in love with Greenville. Also from the LA area, Mike and Aliza came here to finish up Mike’s medical residency at Greenville Memorial Hospital. We had a blast running all around […]



Love. It’s what makes weddings possible. It’s also what makes the really amazing weddings stand out from the ordinary. Sure, you can spend thousands to have the fanciest decor/food/venue, but if the people attending aren’t really there because they love you and the commitment you are making it’s just going to become another fun event. […]