They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well, I’ve had a lot of very lucky couples lately! Along with the luck for the marriage, it also brings along a high probability of great weddings photos! Some of my favorite images ever incorporate rain, and there was no shortage of that on Amber […]

I love weddings where two completely different family cultures get together and just completely mesh. Kim grew up in Georgetown, SC, and Amir was born in Iran, and although he lived mostly in the US, you could definitely tell they weren’t from the same background. With Amir’s family coming from all over the world, it […]

I glanced down at my phone to check the weather just 20 minutes before Ashleigh and Tim’s wedding ceremony. Normally it wouldn’t matter too much, but they had planned to have their ceremony outdoors on the back patio of Mary’s Cottage, overlooking the iconic falls park in the heart of Greenville. I looked at all […]

You know what I realized? Kelly and Michael’s wedding at Mary’s Cottage this past weekend was my 100th wedding. That’s pretty dang special. You know what’s even more awesome? I keep on seeing new things at every wedding I go to. Take for instance the fact that Kelly and Michael’s wedding was the very first […]