One thing I love about photographing weddings is the pure spontaneity of the events that will unfold throughout the day. You never know who you will bump into at the wedding, whether it’s going to be gorgeous or a pop up thunderstorm will come out of nowhere, or where your grandma is going to break […]

Some of my very favorite weddings aren’t the ones that always go perfect. Having perfectly blue skies and 75° degree temperatures isn’t the most important thing. The couples that have truly awesome weddings (and probably even better marriages) are the ones who still have a blast when it’s pouring down rain and windy. They don’t […]

Lisa and Charlie didn’t know they would eventually get back together. You see, they were friends back in High School, went different ways, and then several years later reconnected. It all culminated in a beautifully intimate ceremony at Pretty Place Chapel this past weekend. With just their closest family, kids, and friends present, it was […]

You know those times when you see someone you used to know really well, but it’s been a few years? That happened to me a lot as Adam and Jessica’s wedding this past weekend. You see, I actually went to 8th and 9th grade with Adam and I haven’t really seen him since. Come to […]