I’ll never forget when I first met Sarah. It was a cool fall morning, around 48° and she was standing barefoot waiting for someone to come unlock table rock lodge. When I asked where her shoes were, she told Deb and I that she doesn’t wear shoes. Really?? I asked. Nope, only when I am […]

Sometimes its nice to take a break from the big, crazy over the top weddings and just get back down to the basics. Jaimie and Zach’s wedding on Monday was one of those types of weddings for me. With just 20 people in attendance, it was nice to see a wedding concentrated on the actual […]

There’s just something about being up in the mountains during the fall. The crisp air. The gorgeous leaves. I always try to take at least one day off during the fall to get up there to go on a hiking adventure. It always clears my mind. There’s just something really peaceful about it. And I […]

When I first sat down with Rachel to talk about possibly shooting her wedding at Table Rock Lodge I remember her saying… “My fiance isn’t quite who you would probably guess, he’s pretty scruffy and has dreadlocks.” And then I was even more excited about their wedding. I’m not gonna lie, Donnie definitely lived up […]