I had been waiting to photograph this wedding for nearly TWO years! After countless conversations, I knew Sarah and Jordan’s wedding was going to be a blast… but I didn’t think it would be this much fun! We were blessed with some beautiful weather, two absolutely gorgeous wedding venues (Cliffs at Glassy Chapel & The […]

Most people that have been married will tell you that things don’t always go as planned on the wedding day. For Analise and Frank, this meant making a last minute decision to move the entire wedding from Pretty Place Chapel to the Founder’s Room at Larkins, less than 24 hours before the wedding. With lots […]

There are always a few weddings each year that I show up to and I really don’t know how they are going to go. It’s a mixed bag. It could go very, very well or it could go south quickly if all the pieces didn’t line up. With Jazmin and Derrick, I just knew the […]

Late into the reception, just as we were about to say our goodbye’s, Kristi mentioned to me that she hoped the wedding was the “perfect mix of classy and sassy.” I replied back to her that even after shooting weddings for 9 years, it definitely pushed the boundaries on both ends. The wedding absolutely dripped […]