I can’t remember ever sweating this hard during a February wedding. Typically people decide to get married in February because the weather is a little cooler, but Heather and Robbie had picture perfect 78° weather… in February. Maybe the world knew their warm personalities would just fit better with warm weather on their wedding day. […]

I always love those early spring weddings each year. The leaves are starting to come back out, the flowers are in bloom, and everyone is just in a much happier mood… not that Stephanie and Hunter needed any more reasons to be excited, but hey – It can’t hurt! We started off at Mitchell Road […]

It takes a certain kind of person to actually commit to get married in February. It could literally be anywhere from 20-70°, cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, dreary or icy. Sometimes it will be a mix of all those things in one day. Either way though, Brandi and Trey set a plan and stuck with it. […]

Jayma and Casey had a beautiful, intimate ceremony at The Loom in Simpsonville, SC just a couple weeks ago. Not only did they have an awesome selection of Mediterranean food (among many other kinds!), they had some simply gorgeous details and flower arrangements. Ever since I shot their engagement photos a few weeks ago I […]