What do you get when you combine a beautiful day, a stunning bride and groom, a beautiful venue, and lots of fun family and friends? You get Rebecca and Scott’s wedding day. From start to finish it was a blast and from the looks on their guest’s faces, I wasn’t alone. The wedding was held […]

I always look forward to that first wedding that kicks off wedding season each year. New opportunities, new ideas, fresh creativity. Nathan and Rachael’s wedding this past weekend at the beautiful Ryan Nicholas Inn definitely didn’t disappoint. Sure, all the details were very nicely done, but what really mattered, the love Rachael and Nathan have […]

I was a bit nervous after the engagement session I shot earlier in the day that Suzanne and Tyson’s wedding would be a washout as well. After all, it’s one thing to get soaked in your normal clothes, but it’s another thing to get soaked in a wedding dress. Luckily though the sun peeked through […]

Things aren’t always what they seem at first. Take Kevin and Eungee for example. When Eungee first met Kevin he thought he was just, how do I put this… Too old. As they got to know each other more though, Kevin seemed to get younger and younger. They began running together and have finished some […]