When I first sat down with Rachel to talk about possibly shooting her wedding at Table Rock Lodge I remember her saying… “My fiance isn’t quite who you would probably guess, he’s pretty scruffy and has dreadlocks.” And then I was even more excited about their wedding. I’m not gonna lie, Donnie definitely lived up […]

It was Tuesday, the day my Nikon D4 was finally scheduled to arrive. After months of waiting to find one in stock I nearly tackled the UPS driver at the end of my driveway. So why write another Nikon D4 review? At this point you have probably already read a quite a few. So how […]



You know when you were a kid and you just wanted to eat dessert for dinner? Well I got to live that dream at Sarah and David’s wedding reception this past weekend: Pie for dinner. And not just any pie, homemade apple pie, peach pie, chocolate pie, and the best type of pie ever made, […]

Katie and David are the kind of people who love Chinese food. I’m not sure what that really means (other than that they really like delicious food) but I like it. Now pretty good Chinese food is pretty easy to find (at least around here), but finding truly FANTASTIC Chinese food is another thing. And […]