I don’t know what it is about brunch that makes me so excited. Maybe its the huge selection of food (you get to pick breakfast items AND lunch items!)… or maybe it has to do with the fact you get to enjoy a little champagne in your orange juice (or… more accurately a little orange […]

It’s always flattering when we get asked to get to photograph someone’s wedding. It’s even more flattering to be asked by another wedding photographer. I mean, that basically makes me a wedding photographer’s photographer. That sounds pretty cool. I mean that’s like the surgeon that operates on the surgeon. Or the dentist who fills the […]

I remember walking around the downtown Greenville Farmer’s Market just a few hours before Michelle and Andrew’s wedding, and overhearing a couple in front of us talking about the weather. The lady walking in front of us said, “Wow! All those brides that planned outdoor weddings today hit the JACKPOT!” I smiled, and remembered back […]