And there we were, toes in the sand, waiting for Kristen to walk down the flower petal covered beach to be married to the man she had always envisioned. Or was he? Flash back several years ago, when Kristen created a list for her ideal guy. He had to play the guitar, be manly yet […]

Now with D4 Power!

Jul 17, 2012

Have you ever gotten so excited for a package to arrive that you literally waited outside for the brown truck to come down the street? That was me last Tuesday, when my shiny new Nikon D4 was scheduled to arrive. Ok, ok… I also was waiting because I didn’t want them to just leave my […]



Alright, I gotta admit, I was a tad bit excited when I heard Kristen was going to have her wedding in Punta Cana. After all just three months earlier it was Debra and I honeymooning just three resorts down the pristine beach that runs along the east shore of Dominican Republic. But now we were […]

Weddings are funny things. You can have the perfect venue with the perfect weather and delicious food, but there can still be something lacking. No, its not anything to do with having the perfect dress or the fun loving bridesmaids, its the Bride and Groom themselves. They are the centerpiece of the day. If they […]