I knew when I woke up that Saturday morning and looked out the window, it was going to be a special wedding. Everything was covered with a couple inches of fluffy white powder, a unique sight here in the Greenville area. Even though the snow had melted off of most of the roads, many businesses […]

“Really, your going to shoot a wedding on your birthday!?” – They asked me when I met with Lindsey and Colby for the first time. Of course, where else would I get to enjoy a killer band, delicious food, and beautiful, panoramic views out of the 17th floor commerce club downtown. All the bridesmaids even […]

Some of my very favorite weddings aren’t the ones that always go perfect. Having perfectly blue skies and 75° degree temperatures isn’t the most important thing. The couples that have truly awesome weddings (and probably even better marriages) are the ones who still have a blast when it’s pouring down rain and windy. They don’t […]