I’m always honored when someone asks me to shoot their wedding. I’m completely blown away when people actually move their wedding date so they can have me as their photographer, like Katie and Jerry did. And I’m super glad that they did, because their Westin Poinsett wedding was hands down one of the best wedding’s […]

One of the things I love most about what I do is that it gets me out. Not like it gets me out of the house (I do that on my own most days), like it gets me out to see some really awesome places that I normally wouldn’t go. Like going out to The […]



The look on their faces said it all. As Matt walked down the long hallway of the Marriott to see his Bride for the first time I could feel the excitement build. After a few setbacks in their plans, the little things didn’t matter anymore. The day was finally here. Matt and Sarah were going […]

I’m not exactly sure what Chris does for a living but I’m pretty sure he is a professional cowboy. At least he could be. From the all black tux, to the good time attitude, to the big black pickup truck, to the wedding ceremony entrance to Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line”, Chris is the modern […]