It’s weddings like these that really make me love what I do. Kati and Graham’s wedding was all about showing love to others, great food and drinks, and just having a lot of fun! Held at Zen in the heart of Greenville’s growing West End, it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. With some […]

I always enjoy December weddings. As the holidays get closer it seems like everything just lights up and everyone can’t help but have a smile on their face. The lights, colors, and sounds of Christmas just blend so well with the spirit of weddings. After all, they are both huge celebrations. I met up with […]

It was an absolutely perfect fall day when I showed up for Rebecca and Ramine’s wedding. Rebecca had spent months planning the perfect day and it had paid off. The details were perfect, the sky was perfectly blue, and the leaves were in peak color. We started off at the Hampton Inn where Rebecca got […]

It’s one of the worst fears of anyone getting married. When I was talking with Tammy over the phone last Monday, I casually asked her how everything was going. After the obligatory “good” she eventually told me the truth: She was in the ICU in Nashville and had lost a serious amount of blood. The […]