It’s always fun to do those out of the box weddings, where they just throw tradition to the wind and make their own version of what a wedding should be. On the other hand, it’s also fun to turn the dial the other way and do a wedding that is just pure and classic. A […]

It’s always an honor to be entrusted to shoot someone’s wedding. After all it’s one of the most important days in someone’s life and you can’t really go back and just re-shoot it if something goes wrong. It’s an even bigger honor though to shoot a wedding of someone who has put their lives aside […]

I swear, Lauren and Chris’s wedding felt like shooting your own extended family reunion. You recognize all the people, but just might not remember all the names of the 2nd-cousins and great aunts. You see, Debra and I worked the families on multiple occasions. We photographed Lauren’s sister’s gorgeous wedding at the Commerce Club a […]

He could barely hold the tears in, and he had only saw the back of her dress. As Cathy spun around, it finally hit her, they were about to be married in just under two hours. As they held each other, a rush of emotions hit them like a nothing else they never felt. After […]