It could have been 40 degrees and raining sideways and I’m pretty sure Abbie and Seth still would have found a way to make their wedding awesome. They just have that kind of joyous personality that is infectious. With so many great personal touches and hilarious moments, this was just a downright fun wedding to […]

I always look forward to that first wedding of the new year. With some much needed time off I can go into it with my creative batteries fully charged its a great time to try some new things and set the stage for the year to come. Kim and Adam’s wedding was an especially fun […]

I met Chris and Rachel a few months back with a phone call from a 585 area code. As most of you know, I’m originally from Rochester, NY where everyone has a 585 number. I almost brushed it off as another person calling about a wedding back in Rochester, but wow I’m glad I didn’t. […]